Spring 2017 Update

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December 28, 2016
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What an incredible and crazy year it’s been so far! Where to start….

DOSE has been working with the Filthy Hands and Mushroomhead camp, a group of extremely talented people, tracking our first full length release. Going into the studio and not being “on the clock” was probably one of the biggest changes from past experiences. Having the time to free jam, try ideas, different tones and equipment was a blast. We’ve never spent so much time on things like initial tones for the making of an album.

At this point, the recording is 95% done. Just some minor adjustments, then mix / master and get it out to all of you who have been waiting to hear what we’ve got.

Compared to previous recording sessions (and while it’s definitely cliche), damn… this is the best work we’ve ever done by leaps and bounds! Seriously, each of us went to places we didn’t know existed in ourselves. I mean, how can you explain creative… I can’t, but I know when something feels great. Can’t wait for this thing to hit and it WILL HIT HARD and will also include a special surprise or two!

Outside of the studio, DOSE just wrapped up the music video for the single which is coming out very soon. Full production badassery! It was all shot in about 13 hours, long night but the crew was extremely helpful and supportive. And, they even fed us – nice! A cool thing I noticed was the camera guy asking “you have a few more left in you” after about the 23rd take and Jeff said “whatever it takes!” That pretty much says it all about the attitude for everything we are doing here.

What else?

The live show. We’ve been working on putting together lights and front-of-house backing tracks to enhance the experience. Syncing the lights with the music was another goal we’ve been working on. A full set is about an hour, so it takes some time. Like with any creative, you put it out there, then refine and tweak to really dial it in. The lights themselves bring another cool layer to the show and enhance the live experience. Pretty intense.

Gear was another big growing point. We’re now playing with in-ear monitors and accumulating equipment which makes recording at our studio easier as well as at the show, and we are all psyched about the tones and sounds we are able to experiment with.

Probably one of the last big changes is the DOSE practice hall. We just left the hall we’ve been at for quite a few years for a much larger place. It’s basically a full studio so we can just press record when we want to, put the riff on loop and play with ideas. We basically have a control room, live room and green room (it’s actually green) and will have all the comforts of home away from home.

If you aren’t connected to us on social media, you will want to do that now to stay tuned into the latest release dates and other adventures from DOSE. Oh, and if you’re wondering what a caterpillar toy has to do with this, trust me, it’s not what you think!

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