Spotlight Band: Cleveland’s DOSE

New Vocalist Announced
April 9, 2016
Meet DOSE: Newly Signed to Mushroomhead’s Filthy Hands/SK1 Label
May 14, 2016

If you’re into metal and you have been out-n-about the Cleveland music scene in the last couple of decades, I’m sure that somewhere along the line you have either ran into or seen Jay (guitar) and Jeff Morrow (drums) whether you realized it or not. The Morrow twins have been unloading their brand of heavy metal in the Cleveland area for years including back in the mid-to- late nineties when they were taking the stage with a band called Bolder Brain.

BB was an in your face type of band who could thrash with anyone and they most definitely got the audience involved in what they were doing, just check out for the Check Yourself video. Jay will be to right as you’re watching the video and of course Jeff will be behind the kit. Jeff also spent time with Slave To Nothing. (Continue reading…)

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