Show Review: Whiskey Warehouse in Mansfield, Ohio

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October 5, 2016
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May 21, 2017

By Jim Carver President of The Rust Belt Chronicles.

Dose is a band to make you forget whatever ails you!

Dose kicked things off nicely as they powered their way through a setlist of original tunes. Vocalist, Nick Jarrell, displayed his passion and his voice with a strong urgency. Nick amazed me with his exuberant and edgy tone. Drummer, Jeff Morrow was a beast as he catapulted his band-mates with a frenzy of percussive thunder, His stick tricks and attitude is a lot of fun to witness. Jeff gave me some great shots from the drum throne, but unfortunately due to the low and red lighting; I wasn’t able to get the camera to fire on a short series of bursts.

Bassist, Mike Marczak, curtailed the stage with his limber fingers and pulsating lower-end filling the venue. Marczak enjoyed the crowd and returned the graciousness to the fans by lobbying his lush bass lines during the set! Guitarist, Jay Morrow shined through the set with his solos and rhythmic chords establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with! This guy can rock with the best of them.

I am already looking forward to hearing Dose perform again. These guys have the attitude and the musicianship to make a lot of noise with their no nonsense approach while pushing you to the edge! With the anticipated release of a new CD in early 2017 on Mushroomhead’s label, Filthy Hands/SK1 the outlook is bright for the future! Continue…

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